Must Know Facts About Your Dog’s Skin Disease/Coat Care.

posted on 2017-01-29  17:32:26 By D.C. Beam

Your dog’s skin/coat is his savior. Dogs do need clothes. Yes, you can make clothes for your dogs in winter, but he does not need it. Healthy coat/hair saves dogs in winter. As an owner your job is to make sure your dog’s skin/coat stay healthy forever. Before we tell you more about dog skin care, let us first talk about why dogs often develop skin conditions.

Reason behind dog’s skin problems

A bad diet is the main reason behind dog’s skin problem. You need to feed your dog gluten free natural foods. Fleas, mites, yeast infections also cause skin problems in dogs. Dogs are also prone to allergies. Good thing is skin problem in dogs is not uncommon or serious issue. Most times you will be able to take care of your dog’s skin problems at home. But if the problem stays for more than a week, then you need to contract a vet.

Tips to prevent skin disease in dogs

Regular bathing and brushing can prevent skin problems in dog. A nutritious diet, regular walks will keep the immune system healthy. Your dog will not suffer allergies if he has a good immune system.

Some visible signs of skin disease in dogs

  1. Red spots on skin
  2. Dog itching his body more than usual
  3. Trying to hide from family members
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Excessive hair shedding

Products recommended for dog’s skin disease

Home remedies do not work on dogs. You need to find non toxic coat care products for your dog. I am a dog lover. I use these following three products on my dogs.

Pro-Sense Skin and Coat Liquid

am using this product for my poodle. It does work. I can see an improvement; his coat looks very shiny now. I also noticed since using this product my poodle rarely suffered any skin problem.

NEW Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs and Cats | 100% All Natural Hypoallergenic Soothing Relief for Dry, Itchy, Bitten or Allergic Damaged Skin | Vet and Pet Approved Treatment

One of my dogs used to suffer from red skin during winter months. I needed a spray made from natural ingredients. I found this product and decided to use on my dog. The result I got is better than what I expected. I totally recommend this product for dogs who suffer from winter allergies.

Best Skin and Coat Formula for Dogs With Omega 3 & 9 Fish Oil.Naturally Derived to Support Healthy Skin, a Glossy Coat and a Normal Level of Shedding

Another great product that saved my Boston terrier’s life, I am using this on my Boston terrier for more than a year. It works. My Boston terrier has healthy coats now.

Do not ever think these are the only available products available on the market for dog’s coat care. I recommended/ talked about these products because I personally use them. I know these products are safe, that’s why I can recommend these products to first time dog owners.

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