How To Choose a Vet For Your Dog

posted on 2017-01-29  09:42:56 By JW. Healy

You and your dog will both hate "vet" visits, but guess what? You have to do it anyway. Your dog needs a monthly check-up, especially at the early stages of his life. A good vet is necessary for your dog. New dog owners sometimes face difficulties in choosing a vet. We are going to help new pet owners. Our “vet choosing guide” is a must read for all pet owners.

Importance of choosing the right vet for your dog

We can talk; we can talk about our health problems. Our dogs cannot tell what is wrong with them. Dog’s life depends on his vet and you. As an owner, it is your responsibility to find the right vet for your dog. You need to find a vet who is kind, a person who actually loves dogs. There is a difference between professional vets and dog lover vets. You need to find the later. Your vet needs to understand dog’s body language. You can search online or ask your friends directly about their preferred vet. Take help, do not be naïve. Remember, finding the right vet for your dog is not optional but mandatory.

Why choose a reputable vet?

I hate when people say “any vet will do, it is for the dog, and it is not like he is a human” these words scare me. No, any vet will not do. You will need to find a good vet. New pet owners do not know everything about dog’s health. New pet owners need a reputed vet, an experienced vet who will give them the right guidance. The Internet changed lots of things. Most vets have websites these days. A little research on the internet will give a good idea about the vets in your locality.

Signs you need a new vet

I earlier said the phrase, professional vet. There are vets who do not like their job anymore. The first vet you find may not be the right vet. Here are five signs that say you need to find another vet for your dog.

  1. Your vet’s office is incredibly dirty
  2. The vet is behaving aggressively with the animals.
  3. Vet is giving limited time to his/her patients
  4. Your vet is trying to sell you products
  5. Your dog is not getting better even after treatment

Why should you find a local animal hospital?

I know people who say they prefer a particular animal hospital, even if it is far away from home. This is a major mistake; you need to find a hospital near your home. What if your dog eats a piece of chocolate, or a snake bites him? A vet will need to check your doctor immediately. You must contract a local hospital when you decide to get a pet. Check if your local animal hospital offers a membership option, it will be good for you during emergencies.

Dos and don'ts at vet visits

Choosing the right vet is not enough. You need to act as a responsible owner also. Here are some important things you need to keep in mind when you visit a pet.


  1. Bring a toy or treat for your dog
  2. Fixed an appointment
  3. Ask about treatment options and any other questions related to your dog’s health.


  1. Do not talk about other vets
  2. Do not interact with other dogs when you visit an animal hospital

Vets are like your doctors. Do not take them lightly. Follow rules and always talk to them with respect.

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